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It was a costume party, mine didn’t really fit.

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Dylan O’Brien on ‘Despierta America’ (August 28)

Dylan O’Brien on ‘Despierta America’ (August 28)

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I wouldn’t respond to anything but Ariel 

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It’s a triskele. The spirals mean different things: past, present, future; mother, father, child. Know what it means to me? Alpha, Beta, Omega? That’s right. It’s a spiral. Reminds us that we can all rise to one or fall to the other. Betas can become Alphas, but Alphas can also fall to Betas or even Omegas.

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I’M S O M E T H I N G.

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Natalie Dormer does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Holland Roden for Teen Vogue.

Holland Roden for Teen Vogue.

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Rest in peace, Mona Vanderwaal.

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